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Blue Rooster Web Launches Autism Website During Awareness Month

Blue Rooster Web is extremely proud and honored to have worked on a very meaningful new website. Autism Shifts, a non-profit organization in Tampa Florida that is working hard to dispel old, harmful, and often engrained stigmas that keep individuals with Autism from securing employment and living independent lives. The new site launched in April, […]

Blue Rooster Web Launches Never Ending Basket Website

Blue Rooster Web has just added the launch of another new and exciting website to its ever growing portfolio. A Never Ending Basket, a company making thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift baskets, now has an online presence that showcases its beautiful work.  The stars of A Never Ending Basket are the handcrafted and compiled baskets themselves. That’s […]

Blue Rooster Web Launches New Home Funding Website

Blue Rooster Web has just added the launch of a new and exciting website to its portfolio. Ken Kolodziej Home Funding, a company that provides jumbo loans and loan programs including reverse mortgages, renovation loans, and FHA loans) has been brought to life online with a website that speaks to the brand and its messaging.  […]

What is the Value of Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations?

A nonprofit organization is one which uses its funding in order to pursue and promote a specific charitable cause rather than profits, as do for-profit businesses. There are many reasons as to why Blue Rooster Web is beneficial for nonprofits.  Smaller Budgets and Shorter Contracts Operating on an often-tight budget, marketing can sometimes be underutilized […]

Reducing Your Time While Increasing Your Bottom Line

Blue Rooster Web: Reducing Your Time While Increasing Your Bottom Line Time is money. It’s the most valuable non-tangible asset we’re given. It can’t be bought or sold but it can be used and spent. It allows us to watch our kids grow up, our businesses expand, and our finances increase – if we use […]