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Redesign JK Exec Website

Blue Rooster Web launches the newly revised JK Executive Strategies website. This Rochester New York based client has been growing for sometime and needed a new and fresh look to expand their services. Starting with retained executive search strategies, they have expanded into other professional recruiting services like professional search, contract strategies, human resource services, […]

BRW Launches Seeds To Sew Website

Blue Rooster Web is SEW proud to launch the new Seeds To Sew International Website. Here is the break down! Seeds to Sew International, Inc. is a US-based, 501(c)3, non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training. Their goal is for […]

Launches Nova Networks Compliance

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IS NOT CYBERSECURITY As a CEO, CISO, Director of IT, or other key business leader for your company or organization the day to day business processes you manage place heavy demands squarely on your shoulders to maintain growth, prosperity and opportunity for those who place their trust in your efforts including employees, shareholders, […]

Ascend – Solve The Performance Puzzle

Blue Rooster Web is proud to launch the Ascend Performance Group’s website. Ascend helps businesses grow by providing leadership and organizational development, as well as, performance coaching. To better explain Ascend’s philosophy and thought process, we had a little help from Jim Knittel, Principle at Ascend. Solve the Performance Puzzle Each year, organizations combine to […]

Be the Change in 2019

Dear Friends and Family of Autism Shifts and Artistas Café, As we come to the end of 2018 and start a new year, we want to express how much we appreciate each of you! Today, one in 40 children are diagnosed with Autism, an estimated 45,000 right here in Tampa Bay, and thanks to you […]

Compliment Almost Any Figure With Mobile Swimwear

Ladies, do you dread the annual trek into the swimwear section of your neighborhood department store or specialty shop? Afraid to order online without trying on? Been putting off getting a new swimsuit even though your last one is older than your middle school children? Mobile Swimwear has a new concept that is sure to […]

Empreinte Is An Art To Philanthropy

It is no coincidence that the holiday’s are the time of year that we all think about giving. So much so, that it is almost expected. With that type of pressure, who has time to vet out who you are giving to? Well that is exactly what happens to large corporations and private equity on […]


Maria Ricciardi may possibly be one of the most amazing and interesting people I have ever met in my life. Introduced by an old college friend and now her husband, I met Maria for the first time in Chicago on a cold and blistery day in late January. Maria has been the reason for the season […]

Perking Up a Website with Blue Rooster Web

Aroma of coffee in the morning, there is nothing better to smell, when you are waking up. A cup of warm Joe. Mike came to Blue Rooster Web a few months back looking for us to improve his current website. Java Joes Fundraising, which is a flash site, used an animate version of his iconic […]