Launches Nova Networks Compliance


As a CEO, CISO, Director of IT, or other key business leader for your company or organization the day to day business processes you manage place heavy demands squarely on your shoulders to maintain growth, prosperity and opportunity for those who place their trust in your efforts including employees, shareholders, and even supply chain vendors who rely on your orders for their goods and services.


For years the advancement of business technologies has layered solution upon solution loosely integrated supporting your business communications, continuity, analysis, marketing and more. Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have further complicated the internal / external configuration of your information technology infrastructure splitting their attention on numerous clients with limited staff and diffused focus.

Net results are most organizations are no longer sure of their security posture against the persisting and growing dangers of the countless cyber threats attacking your business.

New cybersecurity mandates such as but not limited to NIST 800-171 are now requiring business verticals such as U.S. Defense Contractors, Financial Institutions, Federal Civilian Agency Contractors as well as GDPR via the European Union to meet stringent compliance controls in an attempt to stem the threats of breaches, malware, loss of personal identifiable information and for you, massive disruptions within your company or organization. It is time to embrace compliance to preserve your future!

Check out Nova Networks Compliance’s new site at

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